Invoice Factoring for Construction Companies 

Grow your business today with AIG Construction Capital. Turn your outstanding invoices into instant cash for your business!  Call Us Now!

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Reduce Stress

Stop worrying about how your going to make payroll, pay vendors, and mobilize on new projects!

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Faster Funding

When working with a factoring company, you can get lightning fast funding, almost anytime, within 24 hours!

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Increase Growth

With immediate access to cash from your invoices, you can further invest and grow your business!

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New opportunities

Early access to cash from your invoices gives you flexibility to take advantage of new opportunities, and projects!

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Easier Approvals

Factoring offers less invasive background checks, as well as faster and more lenient approvals!

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Strengthen Relationships

Paying your vendors and employees on time, will increase productivity and positively affect your business overall!

Factoring gives your business the means to grow.

Slow payments put stress on you, your business, your projects, and your employees.  Factoring alleviates that stress by making your funds available to you when you need them.

How We Can Help Your Business Grow

Proven Results

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Material/ PO Financing

We'll Cover Material Costs For You!

Invoice Factoring

Turn Your Invoices Into Instant Cash!

Payroll Financing

Payroll Made Easy

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