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Turn Your Outstanding Invoices Into Instant Cash Today!

AIG Construction Capital provides construction companies with alternative financial, and funding services.  Our custom designed approach to Factoring gives us more flexibility to work with our clients, and provide them the highest quality service they deserve.  Getting started with AIG Construction Capital is always totally free.  To learn more or to get approved, call AIG Construction Capital Today. 
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How Invoice Factoring Works

Invoice Factoring is the process of taking an invoice you are waiting for payment on, and selling it to a factoring company that will pay you today instead.  Simply take one or more of your invoices that you would like to get paid today, and send it to your factoring company.  Your factoring company will then wire you the desired amount, (usually up to 80% of the invoice) directly to your account.  When the invoice is paid by your customer, the remaining 20% of the invoice will be returned to you.  Factoring companies generally charge a factoring fee based on the size of the invoice, and the amount of time it will take to be paid back.  When looking for the right factoring company, it's important not to get hooked solely based on the factor rate.  Always ask what other fees are involved, and get a clear picture of what it's going to cost you when it's all said and done.

Is Invoice Factoring Right For Your Business?

There are dozens of reasons as to why you may want to consider occasionally working with a factoring company.
1) Your company is growing, and you don't have immediate capital to keep up with new projects, and a growing payroll.
2) Your contract terms are 30-90 days, but sometimes you can't afford to wait that long for payments.
3) You want to start additional projects, but all your cash is tied up.
3) You need cash today for payroll, materials, or other business expenses.
4) You can enjoy peace-of-mind, knowing that you have access to instant cash in emergency situations.
5) Your credit score isn't great?  Not a problem, you can still qualify for factoring.
6) You need access to immediate cash, but don't want to incur debt.

Factoring With AIG Construction Capital

AIG Construction Capital takes a different approach to factoring.  Our goal is to make the factoring process as simple as possible.  We strive to provide the highest quality services possible to all our clients.

With AIG Construction Capital:

 - No signing, closing fees, or hidden fees, PERIOD.

 - Choose when you factor.

 - Choose which invoices you factor.

 - Choose how much you factor.

 - Choose how long you factor for (you don't have to wait until the invoice is paid.  Save more when you pay back your advance early!).

 - Meet with us in person (We make it a point to meet with each of our clients, and make sure they're getting the service they deserve).

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